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Denture Care

Proper care is required to keep your dentures in optimum shape.

After each meal remove your denture and rinse with water to remove any food pieces. Do not use hot or boiling water which will deform and warp the dentures.

If denture adhesive is used, a dry paper towel aids in the removal of any remaining on the acrylic surface. Lining the sink with a towel can help reduce the risk of breakage if the denture slips from your grasp.

Daily brushing of your denture with a denture brush along with brushing your tongue and the tissue that supports the denture with a soft toothbrush is essential. Toothpaste should not be used on the acrylic since it contains a polishing agent that will scratch the surface.

Follow manufacturer’s instructions if using any denture cleaners and rinse well after. Never use denture cleaners in your mouth. Do not use bleach-containing products as these change the acrylics colour and weaken it. Dentures having metal components require cleaner indicating that it is made for metals.

By daily examining your dentures while cleaning, any cracks or loose teeth can be addressed immediately. Call our office if any irritation inside your mouth or sores develop.

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